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Mary B. Klem, Registered Dietitian 2013 Consultant Dunmore
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Diet and nutrition doesn't have to be difficult. Start with these few handy tips, and then learn more common sense

approaches during your

nutrition consultation.

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Get started toward a healthier lifestyle with a few easy shopping tips

While you will see the most benefit with a personalized nutrition plan crafted with the help of our nutrition consultation specialist and Registered Dietitian, you can get started toward a healthier life today.


Start your shopping trip with a list. By having a plan in mind and knowing your store's general layout, it will be easier to stay focused, avoid impulse buys, and avoid overbuying. It not only helps you stay healthy, but saves money, too!


Buy whole foods, which are typically located along the edges of the store, as much as possible. Excellent choices are fruits that are ready to eat after a quick peel or wash for fast food that is both healthy and delicious!

The dairy case is full of tempting treats which may appear more healthy and nutritious than they actually are. Pay close attention to your milk, cream, and cheese options and look for low-fat options such as low-fat milk and 2% cottage cheese.


Milk alternatives such as soy or almond milk are also great naturally low-fat options to traditional dairy choices.

Dairy is a great way to get

started going healthy