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Mary B. Klem, Registered Dietitian 2013 Consultant Dunmore

Your oncology nutrition specialist, Mary B. Klem, is board certified and backed by over 30 years of professional nutrition consultation experience.

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Manage your symptoms with a natural nutritional approach

Oncologic treatment can be difficult on your body, but there are many natural remedies available to help curb your symptoms. Whether you have just begun treatment or are looking for new alternatives to help with your symptoms and whether you are undergoing radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both, we are here to help.


You will work directly with Mary B. Klem, who is both a Registered Dietitian and board certified in Oncology Nutrition. Together, you will explore ways in which you may lead a more comfortable life during treatment by following easy, manageable diet and nutrition plans.

Whether you are a cancer survivor or at-risk based on your family history and other factors, certain dietary changes may help reduce your risk for developing cancer.


Give us a call today to schedule a consultation to discuss your genetic or lifestyle risks and how we may reduce your risk together through diet and nutrition.

Help reduce your risk through nutrition