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Mary B. Klem, Registered Dietitian 2013 Consultant Dunmore
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Lose weight and feel great with easy, manageable changes to your diet

Don't fall for another fad diet that asks you to completely change your diet or subscription plans that are as restrictive as they are expensive. Real, manageable results are only a phone call away with the help of our professional nutritionist, and you'll still be able to enjoy all of your favorite dishes and desserts.


During your first consultation we will analyze your daily food intake as well as desired nutritional amount, and then work together to create an easy, manageable, and personal nutrition plan that works for you. Together, we will find the small, easy changes you can make in your everyday life to help you reach your weight and health goals.

The best nutritional plans are created with your specific needs in mind. It's one of the many reasons that fad diets and one-size-fit-all solutions aren't able to offer long-term weight loss solutions.


It's time for real results. Put over 30 years of nutritional expertise to work for you in creating your own personal nutritional plan for a truly long-term solution to your weight management goals.

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